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2 Door Glass Fridge

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I have this 2 glass door fridge to sell. I have not brewed for some time now and would like to move this on. It has a crack in one door but it is a twin skined door so there is still a glass panel on the inside which has not been broken. It gets down to about 3 deg or so and also has a internal floru light. it weighs a EFFING ton so will need a trailer and a few blokes to move it. I am told you cant lie these things down so will need to be moved standing up. I am based at Sanctuary point which is 20min south of Norwa NSW south coast. It will hold about 10 corney kegs. The fermenter you can see on the top shelf is a 60ltr. It will fit two 30lts on the bottom shelf. I want $250.00 for this fridge and you will need to pick it up.

That is huge, I ferment in cubes, I recon you'd probably get 340L in that baby fermenting, would love to add this to the shed, got too many other bits slowly comming together and beside my missus would kill me :ph34r:
I have a temp controll unit with it and also a kilo of hops or so as well which will go in with it. I would like to move it on to another brewer but it is a big mother.
I am open to offers for this thing. It is huge and works well. The glass which is broken is the front skin of a double skin door. It could be removed with out to much problem i would think.

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