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1664 / kronembourg flooded font brisbane

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by Ashul, 9/5/17.


  1. Ashul

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    Posted 9/5/17
    Hi guys, I got ImageUploadedByAussie Home Brewer1494323887.733436.jpg ImageUploadedByAussie Home Brewer1494324024.944155.jpg this flooded font i won't use anymore since I build my bar.

    Flooded beer font 1664/ kronembourg.
    Light is running on 12V
    Have a creamer function, few light scratches but otherwise in good condition.
    8mm OD beer line for kegs/ home brew. Fit any john guest fittings.

    Also have a set of10 pinlock post for 50$ if anyone looking to convert a few kegs
    Pick up brisbane northside.
    ImageUploadedByAussie Home Brewer1494324117.853375.jpg
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