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    RecipeDB - Spun's Scottish Surprise

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    Aabc 2006 Results

    Mine too! Although I was expecting as much as I had to submit my Scottish 80/- as a 70/-. I also entered a different 80/- to the one that qualified as it was a bit lower in gravity and therefore closer to the 70/- guidelines, but it may have been an inferior beer. Still I suppose I can say I've...
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    Beer Food?

    I've got some McCain beer batter fries in the freezer. Hmm, think I'll go chuck some in the oven for dinner.
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    Same Grain Bill-different Beers

    I'm halfway through a bit of an experiment. I'm making four batches using the same grain bill (90% Maris Otter, 10% Wheat), and yeast (wyeast 1098), while adding 90g of a different hop each time. So far I've used Nelson Sauvin and Glacier, and have Bramling Cross and First Gold to go. I'm hoping...
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    The 2006 Nsw Homebrewing Championships

    I'm stoked that my Scottish 80/- got a 1st at ANAWBS last week and now a 3rd in the NSW comp, as well as qualifing for the nationals! Not too shabby for my 5th all-grain brew (the less said about the scores all-grain 1 and 2 got in recent comps the better!). The recipe is now up under "Spun's...
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    I think Heinekan may be trying to head this kind of talk off at the pass - check out this add.
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    Ginger Beer And Apple Cider

    You could always try Oztops. I've made a bunch of these over summer and have been pretty happy. You get decent cider in only a few days without tying up any fermenter space and if you don't like the results it's easier to tip 2L down the drain than 23L. My favourite so far is simply an...
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    Who Rides A Motorcycle

    Bikes are my other great passion (I haven't owned a car since '96). Here's my current ride a Suzuki Vstrom 650. It's an all roads tourer and has taken me to many interesting places such as Cabramurra (Australia's highest town and literaly just up the road) and Cobar (on the way back from the...
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    Wagga Home Brew

    I don't think so. I use online shops (Grumpy's, ESB, Grain & Grape) for most of my stuff, and sometimes drop into the Kambah shop when I'm in the area.
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    Taking The Pis Outa Advertised Beers!

    Tooheys New - It's all shite
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    All Hail The Ale

    Is anyone else having trouble with the concept of drinkable leftover beer?
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    Better Barley To Boost Beer Ingredient

    Would this even count as GM? Afterall they only added genes from barley varieties to other barley varieties, it doesn't seem to different from old school breeding - just more efficient.
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    Adding Bitterness

    Hi Beer Krout, I have a mate who does these all of the time. I tried one his latest last night - it was the APA with 20 g Chinook boiled in 2 L of water for 20 mins and 20 g Cascade for 5 mins. This resulted in a distinctly more bitter (about 16 IBU according to Beer Smith) and hoppy beer than...
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    Yeast Recommendation For Canadian Blond?

    How about safale US56 for a nice clean ale yeast? Should be superior to the kit yeast and I think it would go well with your kit. For a real improvement you should consider getting some hops from your HBS while you're at it.
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    Worlds Strongest Beer 25%

    That's funny, I thought you guy's were going to be talking about this beer. :chug: