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    3-vessel Brew Rig For Sale

    At this stage, someone is looking at it on Thursday with the intention to purchase.
  2. parktho

    3-vessel Brew Rig For Sale

    Sorry to revive an old thread, but I ended up taking this with me to the Gold Coast (Tweed Heads). I have also downgraded certain components, so I now have the following for sale: HLT – cheap Chinese ss 80L pot (pitting unfortunately but could be restored by pickling?); 2-piece ss ball valve w...
  3. parktho

    3-vessel Brew Rig For Sale

    Dropping to $650 as a package before splitting.
  4. parktho

    3-vessel Brew Rig For Sale

    Yes, Preston in Melbourne. If absolutely required, I could bring it with me to the Gold Coast, Queensland. Thomas.
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    3-vessel Brew Rig For Sale

    I'm migrating north and I've decided to sell my 3v setup to downsize to BIAB or a DIY BM. The rig has served me well doing single-batches, but is capable of double-batches. It's mobile - roll it in-and-out of the garage for brew day. A good starting point, it can easily be built on. I'm looking...
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    keg and bottle cleaner

    I've done something similar. However, What's the plastic thing in the end?
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    The Brauduino (Matho’s Controller) Buy thread

    Lael, forgive my ignorance, but how does this compare to a bcs? Thomas.
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    New Brewing Equipment: Brewie

    Hey, Was trying to find a discussion on this new brewing machine I've seen but couldn't find one. Thoughts? I just wonder how it keeps itself so clean. Hygiene will be critical if its also carrying out the fermentation. Thomas.
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    FS: Brewing Gear (Melbourne)

    Pm sent for mill
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    The Brauduino (Matho’s Controller) Buy thread

    1. Lael x2 2. natdene 3. shaodw 4. gap 5. kingy 6. barneey 7. ArnieW 8. Putrino 9. Mitch_76 10. tateg 11. LiquidCurrency 12. rafinus 13. crazyhorse 14. marksy x 2 15. JB 16. Neo__04 17.Masters Brewery 18. Cervantes 19. Cervantes 20. sipahono 21. BobCharlie 22. jubilakka 23. CoxR 24. Capnk 25...
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    Brew Gear for sale: Melbourne

    PM sent re kegerator.
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    Biab Beer Designer Spreadsheet

    How did you come up with the factor 0.994837 to convert from points per pound per gallon into metric?
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    Where To Buy A Nasa Burner

    Can anyone tell me whether an Australian regulator hose will attach to the orifice that comes with this NASA burner? Cheers, Thomas.
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    Hlt, Electrics, March Pump & More!

    The element is from Craft Brewer. The pot was from a camping shop in Mackay called Camping World. It is stainless steel. I can't tell you much more than that and what I mentioned in the OP. Thomas.
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    Complete Kegging Setup

    This is a complete kegging setup and includes: 4 19L Cornelius kegs purchased less than a year ago with new seal kits (some new seals still unused and in packaging). One of the Cornelius kegs is not shown as it still has beer in it! A Micromatic regulator - the original & the best. A Kelvinator...