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  1. J

    Spitfire Ipa

    I tried some last week. Lots of malt, but an IPA?! Nah... Very disappointing.
  2. J

    What Are You Brewing III

    With temperatures indoors starting to drop, I decided to get things started with a simple kit bitter: * 1 can Coopers English Bitter * 500g Coopers Light Dry Malt * 25g Northdown hops (dry hopped, once the initial fermentation had settled down.) Having sampled the raw beer, I'm thinking that I...
  3. J

    Chilli Beer How To ?

    Hi Daawl, I recently tried a bottle of Cave Creek Chili Beer at Pepe's Mexican restaurant in Newmarket, Brisbane. They describe it as "Napalm in a bottle. This brew uses Serrano chilis which are pretty darned hot. If you like a challenge, give Cave Creek a try. Not for the faint of heart." I...
  4. J

    Dried Oat Malt Extract

    G'day Bruce, It's been a while since your post, but no replies. How did you get on with the dried oat malt extract? I was going to use some for variety in a Coopers Stout kit: * 1.7kg Coopers Stout (original) brew can * 500g dried dark malt extract * 500g dried oat malt extract * ??g...
  5. J - Competition

    Did someone say free beer, err, book? :D
  6. J

    Coopers Yeast Codes

    Instead of idle speculation, I should have checked the Coopers forums. :lol:
  7. J

    Coopers Yeast Codes

    A late addition to my original message. I bought another Coopers Australian Pale Ale kit to brew up recently, and noticed that it came with an "Intl" coded yeast instead of "PA". I'm guessing that the "Intl" yeast is used across the International series of kits now (if it's an A+L yeast, maybe...
  8. J

    James Squire Pepperberry Winter Ale

    I'm a big pepperberry fan, so when I saw James Squire Pepperberry Winter Ale advertised recently, I was eager to get hold of some. I'd rate it 8/10. The colour from the pepperberries is wonderful, and they add a distinct flavour and tartness - but where's the bite? Disappointing. Perhaps it...
  9. J

    Still Fermenting I Think

    I put on a Coopers Australian Pale Ale kit with 1kg of LDME a few weeks ago. When I thought that primary fermentation was mostly complete, I dry-hopped it (25g Cascade) and let it sit for a week, then racked it into a secondary. It's still bubbling - slowly, but enough that I won't risk...
  10. J

    Another Source Of Kits In Canberra

    Granted; George's is open after work during the week, which is more convenient for me. More choice is a good thing; if I'm knocking up a quick K&K, Big W or Coles will do. For something other than the usual Coopers kits, I'll give George's a try. For hops, specialty ingredients and advice, I...
  11. J

    Another Source Of Kits In Canberra

    George's Liquor Stable in Phillip, ACT, now have a respectable range of home brew kits (Coopers, Brewcraft, Muntons etc.), Morgans unhopped malt extracts and other K+K ingredients. I picked up a Coopers IPA kit for $12.95, and a 1.5kg tin of Morgans Extra Pale Malt extract for $8.95 (not for...
  12. J

    Chilli Beer How To ?

    The weather is finally cooling off again (yay!), so I'm moving away from pale ales and "lawnmower brews" towards hoppy dark ales, stouts - and perhaps the new Coopers European Lager kit once it is cool enough for "real" lager brewing. A chocolate chilli stout would go down a treat in the colder...
  13. J

    Too Much Hops.

    As I understand it, Alpha shouldn't really matter for dry hopping - but I've only tried East Kent Golding and Cascade, which aren't high Alpha varieties. After being disappointed by 12g "tea bags" added at the start of brewing (smell great, but that's all), I now add 25g of hop pellets to the...
  14. J

    What are you listening to

    Nice one! :) I wasn't sure what to expect with their new singer, Anette Olson, but I like it a lot - can't wait for their next album. In Sydney tonight (Friday) and Brisbane tomorrow night (Saturday.) I'm listening to "Mandylion" by The Gathering at the moment - my favourite band (from...
  15. J

    Chilli Beer How To ?

    Based on a recipe made by a colleague, I've just made a batch of Brigalow alcoholic ginger beer with one fresh, red "birds eye" chilli added to the fermenter (deseeded and sliced length-ways into three.) I didn't want to overdo the chilli, and it worked - fermentation finished in a week (rather...