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    Partial Lager Recipe

    i do a tin of muntins premium pilsener,1.8 kg JW pils,200 grams carapils just a little hallertau into secondary and saflager 34/70
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    Melbourne Pubs

    thanks for the tips guys i think i may have to extend my stay though the belgian cafe seems like a goodin cheers
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    Melbourne Pubs

    hey guys im heading down to melbourne for a few days each side of new years. is there any brew pubs that are a must see? where do the well informed locals drink? and lastly is the CUB tour worthwhile? any advice appreciated go those backpacker hostels :P
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    League & Union Results

    i cant wait till these new sedition laws come in :P
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    Using Commercial Beer Bottles

    phoenix i reuse crown seal bottles like becks with no probs i even use longnecks with twist tops ok glass is thinner but i havnt had a bomb yet those pet bottles are pretty good for beer that you will drink fairly quick,just not for long storage
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    Fridge Makeovers

    there should be a comp for who has the skankiest fridge mine is god awfull but on the lowest setting it sits sweet at 12 C so it gets to stay
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    Brew Like A Monk

    im a truck driver so i listen to all the beer podcasts, i like the brewing network best, some shows are over 3 hours
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    Brew Like A Monk

    tangent the 3 part wyeast interview is a goodin
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    Brew Like A Monk

    brew like a monk 24.95 at dymocks picked up last friday what a great read
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    Boozys Sugar Monster

    what sort of hops did you use boozy? sounds like a neat beer whats that like 8.7 % ?
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    Stuck Lid

    hehehe american pie try australian fermenter
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    Hops How Do I Bag Them Use Them?

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    Hops How Do I Bag Them Use Them?

    i just dump pellets in the fermenter before adding wort, they settle into the trub and you dont need a bag i wouldnt do it with plugs though as the barstards float
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    New To Brewing

    i spray brewshield from a spray bottle up inside the tap after i take a sample it really only needs it just before racking/bottling.
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    Best Album Purchased This Year 2005

    yeh i saw wolfmother at homebake last year and they rocked the ep they relased has some damn fine tracks black sabbath meet led zep