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I've been using boiled baker's yeast for my nutrient in the lemonade I am brewing at the moment, but my concern is that boiling it is destroying some of those nutritional vitamins and amino acids and whatnot. While mulling over the issue, one of the options I considered was using the yeast cake from a previous brew. I figured that it could be possible to freeze it between brews, since it's not the live yeast I'm after, and I was also pondering the use of an acid wash to remove old flavours and/or kill more yeast.

Does anyone have any thoughts on whether or not this would work and/or be a useful source of nutrient in nutrient-low brews?
I read somewhere recently that some homebrewers use the yeast cake for this purpose. I remember they did wash it but don't remember what with or how. If I find the link I will let you know.

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