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Did a partial mash a week ago, and everything went prety smoothly for once, or so I thought.

Last night, went to move my esky and thought, that's a bit heavy. Opened it up, and I had forgot to empty it out. I've had vomits not smell that bad. Really enjoyed cleaning that out last night.

mmm.. try a full mash..
forgot about it for a week.
my stomach was sore from heaving so much.
some really nice green & white fluffy bits.
apparently this is one step to making a sour beer, i never want to do it.

You might find the tun is a bit smelly after doing this... I recommend filling it with warm water and Napisan for a day (or any other nappy soaker. No Frills is stronger and costs half the price).

Incidentally, those nappy cleaners are brilliant for brewing detergents. They contain Sodium Percarbonate which comes highly recommended by Lord Palmer. You still need to sanitise with something like iodophor tho.
Yeah, filled it with hot water and neo-pink (just what I had handy) and left to soak last night. I'll see how it comes up tonight.

I held a big party at my place for the Rugby World Cup final, which tuned out to be bigger than ben hur. My neighbour, an Englishman, who was understandably in a jovial mood after the game, managed to write himself off with my homebrew, then got into the "green stuff", which pushed him over the edge. As he started vomiting all over my carpet, the call went out - "somebody geta bucket!". Anyway, some bright spark who was near my brewing room decided my mash tun was a perfect bucket and put it under the Englishman's head. When said Englishman had finished expelling the contents of his stomach, the good samaritan put the lid back on the mash tun and put it back in the kitchen!! Suffice to say, 2 days later, I was greeted with a strange odour coming from the room, which intensified when I took the lid of the tun. Took me a week of soaking in brewer's detergent before the smell went away. Makes good beer, now!
Snow, that's what happens when you invite the English to your parties :D

(sorry, I just couldn't resist that).