Witbier - adding spice or fruit during/post fermentation

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ive got a witbier fermenting with wlp400, going slow, 1049-1030 in 7 days and it’s still chugging away and in high krausen.

Tasted the sample today and it’s a bit strong in the chamomile and not so strong on the bitter orange or coriander.

I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth adding anything to the fermenter to either mask the chamomile a little or just zest it up in general.

It’s really white and creamy, tastes good just a bit under/over whelming on those flavours. For a 23l batch I used:
11g cardamon
11g bitter orange
5.5g chamomile (from tea bags)
These proportions were taken from a byo recipe so I was expecting more balance, though to be honest I’m not really sure what it should taste like as the only wit-esque beer I’ve had is white rabbit white.

So my question is can I successfully add some sweet orange or lemon peel to the fermenter (when / how?) or should I just squeeze some in the glass when drinking if I feel it needs it in a few more weeks?