traveling around australia after covid will come to your house to help brew

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hi fellow brewers,
after this covid thing is over and mabe after this jobkeeper thing finishes end september i may not have a job,
So i was thinking of packing up my Van with the yamaha 1300 vstar,DR400 dirtbike and the Kayak and travel around Australia
starting brisbane and heading south,
Hoping to meet up with some brewers and help with a brew day( hoping for a free beer or two for helping out) and mabe
someone to go on a dirtbike ride into the bush /kayak or roadbike during the day.
willing to travel all over the place as i know from working in a homebrew shop for 6 years there alot of people who have never brewed with anyone else
as none of there friends brew or they live in small towns or farms.
Going to try and do a little youtube movie on each place i stop with mini interview and brewday.
so if anyone is keen let me know that way i can plan some sort of route linking up as meny people as i can

a little about me,

name Sjon (kegs)
live Brisbane
member of thegoldclub (brewclub)
member of BABBS (brewclub)
work as a brewer full time
work in home brew shop part time hoppy day brew supplies
worked 6 years at craftbrewer brew shop
traving with road bike/dirtbike/kayak all loaded in or on my ford transit van.


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