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  • Is there something I can do, or is the board somehow broken? The rest of the Brauduino works great.
    Desperate need of help since I have fallen in love with this great little piece wich have taken me through soon my #100 brew <3
    The problem is that my Pump Switch on the board is always in state "1", its always connected, so as soon as I power up my Brauduino the pump starts to run, when I go in manual mode and tries to manipulate the pump by giving command start pump nothing happens with the switch (besides the light go green and I can hear a relay that makes a sound, its just the same, state "1" (connected) all the time.
    Hi Zwitter!
    I seem to have a problem with my brauduino, I think its the latest version, the arduino board is this type: "Board model Mega 2560 R3", and the Brauduino board is "braduino sparky Shiled V. 1.0" Its not been flashed or upgraded on some point.
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