The Brewing Network Show- 9/18/05

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This week, The Brewing Network Show is back with its full crew and ready to bring home the action to you once again. Dr. Scott is back from hiatus, Justin has returned from whatever the hell he was doing, and Jon's got a finished batch of most excellent wine to talk about (traitor!!). Our featured guest this week will be Shaun O'Sullivan, Brewmaster at 21st Amendment in San Francisco. Can't go wrong in beer with an Irish name like that right? Our discussion this week will be on wheat beers, like German weissbiers and American wheats as well. Tune in at 5pm Pacific Time on Sunday (Monday, 0100 UTC) to catch the fun, the info, and the interview. Also, if you're planning to brew that day, Brewcaster Justin will be hosting a new Blues show in our line-up, beginning Sunday morning at 10am Pacific Time (Sunday, 1800 UTC), so catch some good ol' Blues while your brewin' the good stuff. Prost!

As always, the show is free with no commercials. RDWHAHB with the gang in the chat room during the webcast and get your brewing questions answered on-air!


The Brewcasters will be back in force on Sunday!

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