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Some days you just shouldn't try anything complicated, other days even simple things turn into a disaster.
I got home today from a quick trip today, in the knowledge that i had to rack two beers that i put down last week. I only had a single spare fermenter that i purchased last week for use in bulk priming, so i planned to do one at a time, and clean the emptied fermenter for the next batch inbetween.

Racked the first batch, and all was well as i put the fermenter in to soak for 30min in bleach.
Came back after a period, and noticed beer on the floor under the freshly racked beer. wtf? Seemed my brand spanker fermenter was as watertight as the Titanic, and was leaking at an alarming rate around the tap.

Mad scrabbled ensued as i tried to quickly finish cleaning the other fermenter so i could rack back.
Get that done, and i start racking, and walk away to dunk the air-lock in some sanitizer. I walk back to find half my ginger-beer on the floor. I'd forgotten to close the bloody tap ffs. There goes even more of the brew.

So i clean that mess up, and consider the next batch. I'll have to do the double rack again, so i clean the "leaky" fermenter, and start racking again.
And i forgot to close the bloody tap again didn't i, so this time it's precious pale ale escaping over my tiled floor, as the missus looks on with laughter.

I eventually manage to get the second batch done without any more disasters, but in the end i reckon i've lost about 10L of ginger beer, and 5L of pale ale.
And this was Doc's great sounding ginger beer recipe that i was really looking forward to :-(

Just praying now that the double racking didn't aerate the beer too much. I'll cry if i've ruined them after all this.

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