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NSW FS Kegerator / Keezer Setup - 4 taps, 5 kegs

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My brew gear hasn't got much of a work out for the last few years so I'm looking to sell my keg setup. Items haven't been used since March 2014 however all were in good working order before I cleaned them up and took them out of service. I'll all beer and gas lines I have but I'd suggest buying new lines and spending a bit of time tinkering to get it setup how you like.

1. Fisher and Paykel Slimline 215L chest freezer with custom made wooden collar
  • 890 x 570 x 1040 mm
  • Collar drilled for 4 x perlick taps & stainless steel shanks as listed bellow
  • Bottle opener on collar
  • Light still attached and working
  • STC-1000 temperature controller, set to desired temperature
  • fits 5 x 19 L Cornelius kegs and a 6kg (D Size) CO2 cylinder
  • Freezer is in reasonably good condition, a few small marks/dints (mostly on top) as pictured.
2. 5 x 19 L Cornelius Kegs
3. 4 x Perlick PERL 525 Stainless Steel Draft Faucet with black handles
4. 4 x 4 1/8" Stainless Steel shanks (1/4" bore)
5. 1 x Stainless steel wall mount bottle cap catcher (to mount under bottle opener if desired)
6. Tap to beerline 90degree John Guest assemblies (thread straight onto the shank)
7. 1 x Faucet wrench
8. 1 x Stainless Steel 4" x 19" Drip Tray
9. 1 x 4 way CO2 manifold with individual ball valve shut-off
10. Tesuco 0-400 kPa CO2 regulator
11. 6 x liquid side ball lock fitting (4 with john guest attachment, 2 with hose tails)
12. 6 x gas side ball lock fitting (all hose tails)
13. 1 x plastic party tap
14. Various spare seals for Cornelius kegs (includes 9 x lid o-ring seals and ~30 smaller o-rings)
15. Miscellaneous John guest fittings not mentioned above
  • 3 x 8mm straight connectors
  • 1 x 5/16" 3 way T connector
  • 1 x 5/16" one way check valve (for regulator)

More Photos:


Item is located in Wollongong NSW, I frequently travel to Sydney and will likely be able to deliver up there. I less regularly travel to Nowra, Newcastle and Canberra and can deliver you're happy to wait until my next trip. You'll need to get yourself a CO2 cylinder (either hire or buy) to get going.

Looking for $900 or best offer.
Good deal. Ill have dibs on 2 kegs and the reg if you start splitting up.
Very interested. canberra based. Would you take $700 if we pickup? Would need to hire a ute or similar.
Hey royrodgers,

I've had some local interest so I'll see how that develops. At this stage I'm not willing to accept $700 but thank you for the offer.
Hey Hydroboy,

I'm interested in your Keezer setup. Would you take $800.

This may seem like a dumb question... But was the collar hard to make? And how well does it seal?
Monsta86 said:
This may seem like a dumb question... But was the collar hard to make? And how well does it seal?
Not super difficult. Knocked it up in an afternoon, old man has a triton circular saw setup which made the 45deg cuts etc straight forward.

It seals great, I use weather strip between the collar and the freezer. The lid seal is as per original, no issues.

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