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The problem is, an award that was not listed was awarded in a manner defying sense. The way in which it was awarded did not have a methodology defined by NSW ABC. It did have a methodology defined by AABC. NSW ABC as part of the national comp should have followed the AABC rules when they chose to award the non listed award that they were not obliged to award, they did not use the AABC methodology.

Why is there any problem at all ?

The organisers of the comp grabbed paperwork used in previous years and ran the best comp that they could. Months after the comp the ANHC (a commercial organisation seperate from the AABC) asked the NSW committee to nominate the 'Champion Brewer' as there was no mention of that exact title in the published results. The answer was given that there is only 1 Champion awarded in NSW and so you can give the ticket to the BOS winner.

Understandably some people will be disapointed with this decision but as a volunteer service organisation we can only try to do the best for the majority of entrants.

This is why we place an emphasis on judge training to give the best possible feedback and conduct a BOS taste-off to ensure that all category winners are fairly evaluated (rather than the winner being selected from the judging panel that awarded the highest score). The BOS panel was made up of 3 professional brewers - 2 of which were BJCP qualified and the 3rd conducts taste training for the country's largest brewer.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Mark's Home Brew and our local breweries, the Champion Brewer prize was worth nearly $1,000.

What I do think is a major problem is how many here are quick to belittle and criticise the honest efforts of volunteers. This is making AHB a very toxic place to visit, and can only hasten AHB's slide into irrelevance for all passionate brewers.

Something that Dane and his advertisers should be very concerned about.
The Hunter United Brewers hand was eventually forced by the ANHC's offer of a free ticket for each state's champion brewer. In this, H.U.B were free to nominate anyone as they saw fit to receive this free ticket. HUB nominated the person who had the best beer of show.
If this is what they decided, then I consider the matter regarding the ANHC ticket closed.

However, the matter of 'official' recognition of who is the 2012 NSW Amateur Brewing Champion is, for me, incomplete.
HUB's decision to award this to the Best of Show winner is completely without precedent, contrary to the AABC rules, & completely contrary to HUB's own actions last year in determining the state champion. I fail to see how the same organisers, running the same competion, in consecutive years, can come to a conclusion over who the state champion is from 2 completely opposite points of view.

As such, I'll be asking the hunter United Brewers to review their decision with regards to this, & update the official NSW results on the AABC website once the matter is finalised.

Finally, thanks to all those who have contacted me to voice their support over what everyone seems to agree on as a baffling decision to have been made by the competition organisers.
However, the matter of 'official' recognition of who is the 2012 NSW Amateur Brewing Champion is, for me, incomplete.

Once again Mikk, there was no mention in the comp rules or entry info that stated there would be a NSW Amatuer Brewing Champion decided at this event.
There was to be a Champion Brewer and that was awarded to the brewer of BOS.

Mate, seriously if you are that desperate to be given the title, go down to the local trophy place and have them make you one.
No body said anyone was going to get such a title.
Geez, can we please lock this thread, just move on, get a life, and get back to brewing?
Take home message...It was a balls-up.


That pretty much says it all Darren.

I am amazed at the total lack of respect shown to Mikk and Haldini by the comp organisers. They have both been put in a very difficult and uncomfortable position.

I am surprised that the NSW AABC delegate/s have not stood up and sorted this out for Mikk.

Above all after reading this thread I am incredibly grateful for the amazing job that the volunteers that run SABSOSA do year after year.