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Sam Calagione's (Dogfish Head Brewery) new book is available from Amazon on April 22

Sounds like an interesting read.

Book Description
Brewing Up a Business is an entertaining, enlightening first-person account of author Sam Calagione's nontraditional success as an entrepreneur. Starting out with a home brewing kit cobbled together from used kegs, Calagione turned his entrepreneurial dream into a reality. Relying on unique brews, lots of loving technique, and hard work, Calagione built Dogfish Head Craft Beer into America's fastest growing brewery. Without the benefit of an advertising budget, Dogfish went from a tiny operation in Delaware to one of the country's most popular craft breweries, distributed in 29 states and four countries. As revenues grow at lightning speed-an increase of 105 percent in 2003-Dogfish's success is the result of dreaming big, working hard, and thinking unconventionally. With real lessons on entrepreneurship and success from a real entrepreneur, as well as practical ideas on nontraditional marketing, this is a business story that will open readers' eyes to the unquantifiable benefits of thinking differently

I've actually finished reading this book.
It is probably the first business style book I've read since I did my last economics course in the mid 80's.
A really inspirational read. Sam details the business challenges and ideals well and then relates them back to his experiences at Dogfish Head. He isn't afraid to detail where, how and why he stuffed up along the way as well as what he has done right either by accident or experience.
Don't expect a beer book. Don't expect your usual entrepreneur book either. A good intermediate view of both.

Thanks for the review Doc
I was wondering if that book would be worth a read, and it sounds like it is. I may try and hunt it out
All the best
Hi there Doc!

From what I have read above, you would really enjoy, 'Maverick,' by Ricardo Semler. Best business book I have ever read and also an amusing read. This guy basically challenged all existing managerial/staff relationships and said, 'Why can't we all work together?' He took the best out of all management styles and combined them. When he was young, he was rejescted from Harvard, now he is an honourary Doctor (Doc!).

OK, Have no idea what I have written has to do with beer but don't worry, Doc is THE moderator and can pulverize my post if required!


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