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Yesterday I posted about simple mistakes by BYO magazine that make it into print. When I got home I had an account renewal form from BYO that highlights the problem. The attached document is the scanned account renewal and says that I can save 41% off the News Stand price by subscribing at the Preferred Rate, but when you look down the page you have to laugh.

1 year Newstand Price = $31.60
1 year Preferred Rate = $39.95
You Save 21%
WRONG! I pay an extra 26.4% :lol:

2 years Newstand Price = $63.20
2 years Preferred Rate = $65.00
You Save 37%
WRONG! I pay an extra 2.8% :lol:

3 years Newstand Price = $94.80
3 years Preferred Rate = $90.00
You Save 21%
WRONG! I save only 5% :lol:

It actually says at the bottom "These reduced rates are reserved in your name, but time is running out"

Is this what really happens when Australia signed the FTA with the US?


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Their prices always look good until you add postage.
My subscription is also up for renewal, so I thought I'd renew online.
Turns out that because my initial subscription was a gift I can't renew online. So I dropped them and email saying I wanted to renew personally (not as a gift).
This was Thursday last week. Today I receive an email that sounds like they have to jump through hoops to do it. I replied saying fine, jump through the hoops, I don't care, just re-subscribe me at the reduced rate :D


Yeah they should have seperated out the postage on the renewal form and the Preferred Rates would be:
1 year = $24.95
2 years = $50.00
3 years = $75.00

Then their comparison to the News Stand prices would make sense. It's just this level of attention of detail that detracts from what is essentially a good magazine.


Cant you just give yourself another gift subscription on-line??
Linz said:
Cant you just give yourself another gift subscription on-line??
Not at the reduced rate for re-subscribing.


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