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Gooday people
I have made a simple modification to the Jaycar Temp controller to make it easier to change the set point for different fermentation temps.

First Disconnect from mains voltage.

Step1 replace the 3K resistor that is in series with the 500 0hm trimpot with a2.6kohm resistor. Step 2 remove the 500 ohm trimpot and connect two leads to the circuit board from the the connection points that held the trimpot. Run the leads to a point in the case where you can safely mount a 10 turn 1k ohm potentionometer. Step 3 take two leads from the set points as described in the instructions and route this lead to a socket mounted in the case. Step 4 make up a short lead with a suitable plug and two banana plugs to plug into your meter.
Before closeing case make sure that nothing you added will come in contact with the circuit board in particular pay close attention to the 240volt section.
The 10 turn Ikohm pot is available from RS spares Cost is approx $26.00 this mod will give you lower temps.

Cheers Altstart

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