Mini Reg vs Normal for party setup

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Get a good full size reg and use a standard (small) Bottle. That is what I do.

If you are fixed on a mini, call me I have a good quality one, and some large disposable CO2 bottles I want to get rid of.
Yeah I decided on a full size and 2.6kg bottle. Much more economical
Yeah it is a no brainer really.

That extra bits and pieces you have will always come in handy.

If you are in the hobby for the long term, and I can see you have been on here longer than me, its a good investment. Buy Quality.


Do you mind if I ask what brand mini reg you have?
Most of the posts here aren’t very flattering but the size benefit is really swaying me to get one
Not sure in the brand but think it may be a kegland
The soda stream bottles that I use I refill so there’s not much expense that way

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