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G'day All,

After gleaning so much great info over the last week or so from perusing the forums, in addition to some cheeky glimpses when I was starting out a while ago, I couldn't help but sign up, If nothing less than to thank everyone who has shared such helpful info.

I've been brewing for just under two years and am just starting to enjoy my beers enough to stop me buying so many awesome beer singles for my overbudget taste lower my beer spending ever so slightly and brew more of the staples I enjoy so much (IPA's and the dark side).

I'm BIABing with a Crown, just about to start Pressure fermenting, have just switched to kegging (with a Keezer build on the horizon), and looking to geek up my fermentation control beyond STC-1000. So no doubt you'll see me screaming for help, or stalk liking posts if the help is already there.

I've recently moved back to Brisbane from Radelaide, so am enjoying the process of acquainting myself with new breweries and brewing mates. Brisbane is really starting to take off, I reckon it will be the San Diego of Aus in no time, what with the big 'Dog' arriving soon and many up and comers showing great signs. It's exciting, I'll definitely try my best to support anyone pumping great beers, and hopefully the little dogs get a decent bite out of the boom/bubble/whatever.


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