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  1. Old_barista

    How the hell are we?!

    Hey team. I’m Geoff and up here brewing, or attempting to, in Townsville. Currently have a pale ale bottle aging, pacific ale fermenting and a cider experiment fermenting and about to be racked to second stage. Not sure what to expect as I didn’t expect a “forum” to be still used. I look...
  2. M

    Mangrove Jacks as the 2nd brew

    Over the weekend I put down my 2nd batch. The first was the small batch 5lt (only got just over 3lts) kit from smallbatchbrew. Good first run for BIAB. Currently 1 week in the bottle so a few more to go... This run was from a mates leftovers. Used the MJ SS fermentor and the kits that came with...
  3. TestEagles

    No idea really....

    Hi guys, I’m new to the group and looking to learn as much as possible. Old time brewer from the 80’s but really, that wasn’t great beer and great techniques back then. Unless I wasn’t do it right... I gave up many years ago and I’m looking to get back into brewing using better techniques and...
  4. D

    Beginner in Perth looking for advice for equipment, supplies and BIAB

    Hey Everyone Very excited to be a part of this group and looking forward to learning as much as I can. I am at the beginning of my journey and I wanted to ask some advice from anyone that is willing to share. I live in Perth and I am a lover of Belgian beer, especially Trappist and Abbey...
  5. G


    Hi All I’ve been brewing badly on and off for a few years. Never getting that brew that your prepared to share. This time after stuffing up a ginger beer, do not trust the recipe on the can, I need to read and join AHB. I’ll apologise in advance. Being a newb, I’ll probably ask some dumb...
  6. Will2233

    Multiple grains in recipes. (complicated?)

    Hi, I have just started experimenting away from the kit and kilo brews and trying to do a couple of smaller BIAB and extract to basically try different techniques and styles. My thinking so far is BIAB, no chill then racking into a container after fermentation to settle out the sediment. No...
  7. Aletheist

    Long time listener, fardda yadda dadda

    G'day All, After gleaning so much great info over the last week or so from perusing the forums, in addition to some cheeky glimpses when I was starting out a while ago, I couldn't help but sign up, If nothing less than to thank everyone who has shared such helpful info. I've been brewing for...
  8. J

    Hello - John from tasmania

    Hey everyone, I'm only new to this as I got a mangrove jacks apple cider kit for Christmas. I'm 18yo and I think home brewing it going to be my new hobby I'm keen on trying pale ale next and eventually working my way up and up until I learn how to make spirits e.g. gins or rum maybe
  9. S

    New to brewing

    Hello all. My wife got given a cider kit (with no equipment) so I used that as an excuse to brew some beer too. Thought I'd swing by a forum to work out what I should be doing since I've never attempted brewing before. Looks like a lot of new terms to learn. Anyway, got the mangrove jacks...
  10. BURGO817

    Starting a new 1BBL brewhouse with intention to scale & distribute.

    Gday AHB, Ive recently left the ADF and am hoping to turn my hand at 'pro brewing'. Ive always home brewed off and on since high school and have made some pretty decent beers with my brother during those years etc. Friends, family, randoms and others also gave me genuine feedback, which was...