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  1. WallingtonsWRG

    Monster Imperial IPA

    In every keen brewer lies a beast. Between its rumbling throat snarls, it bares its glistening teeth, gnawing and yearning to escape. This recipe is that monster you've been waiting to brew! Appropriately named due to a wickedly drinkable ABV% and a scary amount of hops additions, The Monster is...
  2. L

    Double IPA (BIAB)

    Hi guys, I've done a few extract recipes, and one NEIPA doing a brew in a bag with added extract. One of Gash Sluggs recipes. Anyway I wanted to try a IIPA and found this recipe online. Batch size: 5 gallons (19 liters) OG: 1.080 FG: 1.014 IBUs: 100+ ABV: 8.6–8.7% MALT/GRAIN BILL 4 oz...
  3. S

    Balter IPA Clone

    Hi, Just throwing this out to the masses... has anyone got a AG clone recipe of Balter's IPA? TIA
  4. AzfromOz

    Where has all the 2-row gone?

    Where has all the 2-row gone??? No-one seems to have any! Planned an American IPA, with a grain bill of 5.1kg of 2-row, a little bit of Vienna (450g) and 150g each of Munich and Carapils. If no 2-row is on the way, any suggestion on a good alternative to 2-row in an American IPA? Cheers Aaron
  5. J

    Under attenuated extract IPA

    Hi everyone, First post here. My second brew is currently in the fermentor, dry hopped today after 10 days. It's an IPA brewed with DME as well as Munich and crystal grains. I ended up doing a mini mash with the grains (45 mins at 65C) as my homebrew shop had assumed me ypu can steep Munich...
  6. T

    Suggestions for Double India Black Ale

    First time doing a Black IPA and im looking to do one similar to that of something like KAIJU!'s Where Strides the Behemoth Double India Black Ale and currently have a grain and hop build looking like this: Batch Size: 11L 3.85 kg Joe White Traditional Ale (89%) 0.25 kg Simpsons Caramalt (5%)...
  7. Aletheist

    Long time listener, fardda yadda dadda

    G'day All, After gleaning so much great info over the last week or so from perusing the forums, in addition to some cheeky glimpses when I was starting out a while ago, I couldn't help but sign up, If nothing less than to thank everyone who has shared such helpful info. I've been brewing for...
  8. Cerevisius

    Merri Mashers IPA Comp 2018

  9. HomerJay

    My First IPA

    How will this recipe turn out? I brewed it 2 weeks ago and will bottle it tomorrow for at least 6 weeks of conditioning. Recipe Type: All Grain Yeast: Safale US-5, pitched dry (11.5 grams) Batch Size (Gallons): 5.5 Original Gravity: 1.068 Final Gravity: 1.012 ABV: 7.4% IBU: 56 Boiling Time...
  10. Hez


    Hi, I have a lot of Chinook hops leftovers and I'd like to make an IPA. I was thinking about buying other hops but I eventually ran into a recipe called: "Chinook IPA". Apparently, it's so popular, Northen Brewer sells a kit for that but I'm doing BIAB and from scratch, as usual... I'm not...