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I have just bought into my first bulk grain buy and my pasta maker/grain mill aint gunna cut the mustard. So I am converting my wife's old tread mill into a you beaut grain mill. After stripping the belt and foot board I was amazed to see what was staring me in the face was most of what I needed mechanically. If there is anyone on the north-side of Brisbane who can help me get a piece of 2" pipe skimmed and readied for bearings that would be choice. I have pipe and bearings. Roller will finish approx 200mm long.

Pretty damn clever!. Im a long way away, and i dont have access to a lathe much these days. Wish i did though, friggin handy piece of gear. As well as a milling machine.
Wish i did though, friggin handy piece of gear. As well as a milling machine.

oh yeah, I have access to a lathe at work but I would love to have a lathe at home as well as a mill, the wife would never see me cause I would be in the workshop all the time, there is something very therapeutic about using a lathe

sorry silver I can't help you

cheers steve
we need to see photos of this in progress for sure starting with that treadmill

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Might i suggest the local TAFE.....with a swap for beer. You would be amazed what that offer, at that educational building can do.
Turning a treadmill into a grain mill seems like a great way to get a beer belly. <_<
Tread powered grain mill?
I'll throw some pics up to show progress. Hopefully take some this arvo.
Well here's a few pics. I have done some rough calcs and figure rpm range from 840ish to 408ish. Existing roller dia at knurl is about 40.5mm.on_off_switch.jpg pre_strip.jpg
speed_ctrl.jpg tm_motor.jpg light_knurl.jpg low_gear.jpg high_gear.jpg top_view.jpg
F&ck yeah!. When you aren't using it you could rent it out to Lion nathan etc hahaha. If you get it done, post some pics mate, i think you have enough bits there to at least try to get something going. Are you planning on using the current knurling on the pipe? If its got enough grip to turn the belt, it should pull the grain through. Interesting project anyway. I'll be on the lookout for spare treadmills now, thanks! haha
My plan is to get a single roller turned up and test that then go from there so i'll see how that knurl goes in the test.
Just tell her people have had heart attacks on these things and I reckon you'll be good to start a new project Big Nath.
Hmmmm, i smell a business opportunity here. Imagine how much calcories you'd burn cracking a double batch worth??. Get ya missus on the treadmill, and she cracks the grain as she goes!. Win win for everyone!. The Grainmill 2000 hehe

You know, if you used that front roller as the feed roller and mounted the crusher rollers just beyond it, you could use the belt as a conveyor from a hopper.. you'd have to be crushing serious amounts of grain though :D
Ok, plan B. After being advised there may be to much flex in the knurled roller as it is, I decided to chop it in arf throw a bearing in open ends yadda yadda. Plan is to now make a 4'' mill using the two pieces of the one shaft. Wall thickness varies but measures a fly-shit over 35mm ID, so i will ask the experienced among you to advise whether pressing or loctiting a piece of 10 - 12 mm thick brass in ends then boring a 12mm hole centrally through brass to allow shaft through would suffice. For some reason I can not upload any pics, sorry.



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