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hello all

I'm sure i have browsed over this topic before but before i go ahead with cold conditioning just a simple question:

i usually buy new yeast each brew but doing lagers without a yeast starter i have to add more yeast, this time i am going to save and clean the yeast but am unsure as to wether or not cold conditioning will kill the yeast.

Instead of going to secondary i will simply run the whole fermentation in the primary and flick the freezer to -1 to let it all drop down.

can i reuse the yeast after letting it sit at -1 or is it wise collect the yeast after moving to a secondary before cold conditioning?


freezing will kill the yeast... cold wont

you can always top crop at full krausen, make a starter from that... not ideal to let it ferment out and stay idle for ages but it works
I cold condition at 4c for 2 weeks often, and reuse the yeast cake most of the time. I've never tried going to -1c, I think my fermenting fridge would have a heart attack at the thought.

thanks i might just stick to the 4 deg mark to be safe.
Why not rack to secondary for CC then wash the yeast from primary?

That's what I usually do for Lagers, unless I'm doing it wrong.

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