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A while ago I was searching for a load rated work table that would do my brewing needs (and thanks to those who gave me some great ideas!), but remain inner city friendly. Well, after a half dozen batches, the Keter table is working a treat. It costs a damn sight more in Australia than in the USA, but if you have the need for space it does the trick. I'm running my 20L BM on it, and it's a pleasure to work with every time.

The upsides being it folds flat (it's a bit fat when folded) and is rock solid when engaged correctly. The downsides being it's a bit taller than I thought (i'm 6'). Lifting the grain up through suction was [very] hard on a flat surface (i'm a step up now on an upper level bit in the garden). Also, depending on application, the BM feet are side on to the clamp channels giving a possible level issue. This isn't a massive problem, the load is spread out well though if you're unsure a sheet of marine ply etc will level it out entirely. All in all though, this is a great option (and slides under my brew table when folded keeping the wife happy!).

So if your looking for something outside the box, apartment friendly perhaps keep this in mind! I got mine from Masters delivered, and loved it the moment it arrived. Shame it doesn't have built in levels though (4 cheap bullseyes got the job done fast and cheap!).

Inner city friendly AG :)


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