Is There A General Distain For Americans In Australia?

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There's not a general disdain for Americans, but there are some foreign policy issues that leave many people around the world feeling rather uncomfortable about American governments.

The Americans I've met are very pleasant, well educated, funny and genuinely interested in things beyond their shores.

Unfortunately there are people who believe the stereotypes and the internet gives these people, who don't really know any better, a platform from which they can announce their ignorance.

I've read some very abusive comments written by almost illiterate Australians directed to Americans on other forums and it's embarrassing to come from the same country as those people.


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schrodinger said:
I'm American, and I'm with you on this one. Unfortunately it's impossible to succeed in politics in the US (in all but a few places) unless you're a born again Christian who wears it on his sleeve. The chances of removing the overt and obviously unconstitutional phrase from US currency are exactly zero.

Part of the reason I'm more comfortable in Australia is that people don't generally make much of your religion or lack thereof. In America it's a defining part of everyone's identity. That made me sick even when I was being raised as a Catholic. Seems like in Oz, you believe what you believe and nobody else gives a shit.

I remember one time Mark Latham was on TV and some journo asked him about his religion. He flatly stated he was agnostic (or maybe atheist, I don't recall). I figured he was done for, because that would be a death sentence in American politics. But the journo just shrugged and I never heard of it again.

(Sorry for dredging an old topic-- I'm new to the site and just read this thread.)
Obviously, most are simply playing politics in that regard. Karaoke christians to a man. I doubt there's actually there been a sincere believer since Jimmy Carter.

Mark 'conga line of suckholes' Lathem is a liar.
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