Irish Moss Or Gelatine

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Definitely been covered a lot of times.

No, they don't behave in the same way. Irish moss coagulates proteins (i think?) during the boil. Gelatine helps pull the yeast out of suspension after fermentation. So no, irish moss wont flocculate yeast, because there wont be any yeast in your boil.

Gelatine will help some of your yeast fall out of suspension. There will still be plenty left to carbonate, as you said, so not sure why you asked again.

I use Brewbrite in the kettle and thats it. Cos it works well and is easy to use.

I have had various levels of carbonation using different amounts of dextrose in response to different FG

I used to use 180g of dextrose for all FG , but changed after reading that with higher FG to use lower levels of dextrose or sugar

I like a beer with a good level of gas

I had also began to use gelatine , which gave me a clear brew

probably should have left it alone