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Hi all,
I have a couple of questions regarding flooded fonts that I cannot seem to find answers to reading through this forum:

1- The fonts seem to be designed so as to ice up for visual effect (which I don't care less about). This would be a huge waste of energy if left running for any length of time. For a kegerator application I would have thought an insulated version would be ideal. If insulated well enough it could be left running full time and would keep the beer cold all the way to the point of discharge.
Does such a product exist?

2- Does anyone keep their kegs at room temperature and use the flooded font as a heat exchanger at the point of discharge? I am thinking a large glycol reservoir in an existing food freezer using a PID loop controlled pond pump to maintain the font temperature.

The goal for me is energy efficiency on something I can run full time.

Any comments appreciated.

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