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My Ibrew apple cider kit has stalled its been in the fermenter for 12 days with an og of 1062. Followed the instructions and it stopped at 1045 for two days so stirred up yeast, it didn't do much so re pitched with champagne yeast. It then got to an og of 1032 where it's been for two days. The instructions suggest a final og 1000. Didn't add any fermentables as the kit said not to and the kit would achieve abv of 6-9%. Really don't warn exploding bottles, anyone got any ideas?
Pitched at 26 and has been around 22 since.
I used to make those kits all the time before I started juicing apples for cider. They always finished at 1.000 or lower for me.

Temp looks OK. I'm wondering whether its a lack of nutrient. Maybe try adding some yeast nutrient and some more yeast. See if that kicks it along again.

24 hours after adding yeast nutrient and yeast it's fizzing again and sg has dropped from 1032 to 1020 so hopefully it'll be fine.

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