Hop schedule for English Bitter

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Hey all,
I’m putting down a Coopers English bitter tonight using below, what would be the best way to add the hops?

Coopers English Bitter can
1.5kg Caramalt liquid extract
300g Dex
50g Fuggles
S-04 yeast

Thanks in advance for the help
The tin is already bittered so you only need to add hops for flavor and aroma, English bitter is not as hoppy as American pale ale so to make something authentic maybe 5g with 20 mins to end of boil, 10g at end of boil/whirlpool and 15g as a dry hop towards the end of fermentation or at cold crash.

If you like your beers in the American style, add half the hops at the end of boil and the rest as a dry hop.