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FYI: Usually, for your information, from my experience, rather than interest, but I'm just being finicky. I figured out a long time ago that SWMBO was the missus, but I didn't know what the letters stood foor. SWMBO just let me expand my operation to three brewing fridges, which FYI will expand my lager brewing potential. :super:
ESB also stands for Eastern Suburbs Brewing, located in eastern Sydney.

I learned about the shop ESB before I learned about the style.
This would not be a complete brewers acronym list without the Charlie classic:


Relax, don't worry, have a home brew!

Or as SWMBO says about my brewing exploits.


(Waste Of F*****g Time And Money) :ph34r: :lol:

Warren -
Answer to that comment Warren.... STFU :D (if feeling very game)

This isn't a brewing acronym, but is gaining in popularity on the wider web.
KoNG said:
Answer to that comment Warren.... STFU :D (if feeling very game)

:lol: Or suffer DBATRP. (Death By A Thousand Rolling Pins).

Warren -
LOL!! you guys are nuts! :party:
Might add roflmao tho, forgot about that one.

Cheers timmy, for the help with NASA.

BeerIsGood, thanks, have changed it.

pint of lager said:
ESB also stands for Eastern Suburbs Brewing, located in eastern Sydney....

Eep!, nearly missed that.
Thanks POL
Big Update, added some new terms 'Brew In A Bag' for example.

Also to bump it back up from obscurity ;)

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What was that one that Batz and Tidalpete were going about??
What about...

WTF: Goodness me, something has just gone a bit awry with my boil.
WBBD as in Whole Bag Brew Day

and hopefully next year there will be the innaugural

TBBD Two Bag Brew Day or
MBBD More Bags Brew Day!
No idea, can ya point me in the right direction?

hmmm.... a TBBD = 4x 80L+ kettles and 6x esky mash/lauter tuns!

yep we are, can't say I've seen that one b4 tho

Anyone know what this is?
I'm guessing that the 'F' isn't family friendly!

Is it Hurry The F*%$ Up?

EDIT: New readers, see : Post #1
I've always used it as Hurry :)

And what about WIC (whirlpool immersion chiller)

And adding MT (mash tun)

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