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Hey all,

I am new to the brewing game, by no means not new to drinking beer !! I am on my second brew and have chosen to do an ND brewing hefeweizen.
I only chose this because it was so quick and when I went to the store I was pretty stuffed from a long week of work, so I wanted something easy to knock up !

I know it is a bit backwards to be looking in to this now, but how long does it ferment, and what do any of you guys think about ideal temps ?

At the moment I have it fermenting at about 22 degrees and was just going to check gravity in 7 days and then again soon after to see if it is stable.
I used the Safwheat WB-06 dried yeast.

Am I heading down the right track ??

Never used it but it will go up 24'c
If that helps i dont know
But your looking in the right direction
I made a hefe with it a bit earlier this year under pretty similar circumstances, lots of banana at those temps but still enough cloves came through to balance. Was pretty tasty. I made the mistake of ageing it to much though. Check it in 7 days, I reckon you'll be spot on. A day or two extra to make sure it's done and get it bottled/kegged asap. I bottled mine and waited 4 weeks before I drank it, regret that a bit because it was carbed in a week. By about week 8 it starts going stale so bottle as soon as it's safe and drink ASAP. Extremely tasty when fresh, like an old boot after too long.

Edit: So bad in fact, that at the 4 month stage I found a couple of bottles I'd "hidden" away. One sip and I tipped all 5 out.
Drink ASAP !........That is the best advice I have heard !!!! haha !

I have heard that drinking hefeweizens young is the go, so that kind of sides with your experience Guy.
I will check the gravity next week and get it in the bottles if ready.

thanks Guy.
Just one other question, I plan to add the brewing sugars to the fermenter just prior to bottling, for carbonation.

What amounts would be recommended ?
I was going to add 200-210 grams diluted in 1 litre of water.

Hope this is a good plan !!
I have seen that calculator before, but have never used it.
I have a mate who brews and he said to use "some" water, i just assumed one lier.

thanks again for the advice, will use your guidelines of 200-300mls.

Sorry to be a burden, just new at this !!!

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