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Just a question to all you guys who have done a grumpy brew. What's your opinion, dont get me wrong i love grumpys, just curious to see whether their worth the money they charge, (ie $40). ;) . Their worth it but can we do it another way cheeper. :D


Wedge :chug:
The great thing about grumpys is that they create and test recipes, get the ingredients together, test the recipes and provide it all in a kit. I don't know of another homebrew store in Australia that provides such a range of extract++ kits.

There are plenty of recipe books about. You could buy base ingredients and put together combinations of extract and grain.

(I've never brewed a grumpy kit but have read good reports)

I'll give them a plug.
The 'masterbrew' bags are all mostly $12.75. The have a bock and a stout which is $18.
Their 1.7 kg cans of hopped malt extract are $12.75 and you can choose between 20 or 30 ibu pale or 25ibu extra pale,15ibu wheat or 34 ibu dark. the coopers unhopped cans are $12.
Spend $50 and don't pay freight.

So the average 'Masterbrew' will only cost you $26. If you get a coopers hopped can for $9 bucks at the supermarket, $23.

Its the 'Extrabrew' and 'superbrew' which is $35-$40.

they are well worth the price.
[colour = red] don't get me wrong jayse, Grumpys is my home away from home aspecially now they have opened the new store near by my house :chug: . But just curious about their products and prices. All the brews (i think) are worth it. Just curious about other peoples ideas.

[colour = black]
Their malts, are they good. Are they better than, say coopers. I've been curious whether they make it themselves or just source from coopers?

i will second or third that.ive tried and buy my gear from grumpys and there master brews and super brews are well worth the money.
im keen on trying the new porter theyve put together.
and by the way im a very remote brewer so my purchases off them are generally above $100 so freight is free.dont know of any other hbs that offers this sort of service.
the value is in the styles and taste. :)

big d
I did a Grumpys masterbrew , XXXX Bitter was OK
Good for someone starting out in brewing
Never done the Extrabrews , but may have a look on my next order

Where do they sorce thier malts? Don't think you will get a answer there , interesting ??
bigd is spot on there about Grumpys , I live in a remote part of oz to , (not as remote as big d)
Grumpys $100 frieght free service is great , I now can get different yeasts , grains , hops etc
Best HBS for mail order by far
well the malt cans use saf ale 33 i think and they malt cans are made for them by an outside company

I sell the 1.5Kcans of Coopers Light Extract for $9.95, my beerbase for $11.95

My Packs go for a range of prices, very basic from $8.75 up to about $19.50: packs that have all the extract/hops/grains and yeast needed (i.e. no can kit used) go from $28 to about $42)

We do mail order too: smaller orders get a little present (like 500g packet of Muscovado sugar or 50g crystal hops) for larger orders we will be happy to negotiate postage etc.

Most of my Series 2 Packs ($10.50-$19.50) are all malt, extract and grain, with hops stored seperately in my fridge to keep them fresh.

Jovial Monk
PS sorry about the commercial :)
gday jm
bit of geography for you.
get out your map of oz and look up dampier in w.a
and nhulunbuy in the n.t
and let us no what freight rate you can do for us.
would be surprised if it ends up freight free.
anyway next time in south oz i have your shop on my must visit list.

big d
what shop do you work for jm. Do you do extract packs like grumpys?

wedge :chug:
i believe jovial monk is also the name of the shop and he is the boss.lucky bloke and from jazzmans postings does similar packs but seperates the grains and hops. :)
Tell us more
Get the $100 frieght free thingy happening and you will have a least two people interested
I've just recieved my 2nd delivery from the mad monk. Adeladie to Sydney via ozpost in a satchel (less than 3kgs =$7.90). Admittedly they have both been hops to half a kilo. Ozpost has a calculator for postage between postcodes.
Also a delivery from Kook when astray.. 3 stubbies of his finest :(

It works both ways
OK, I will look up the postage to those two places

Yes, I will match the $100/free postage offer.

My name is Tom Smit and I set up the Jovial Monk HBS nearly a year ago. Jovial Monk from the Trappist Monks who lived off a special heavy beer during the Lent fasting period. Bet they were Jovial!!!!!!!

I believe my packs are by far the best around becuae:

1. They have the highest extract/lowest sugar weights
2. Grains are packed seperate so you don't need to boil them , meaning much less astringent beers
3. Not only do we keep our hops in the fridge for freshness, you generally add more than one hop addition. lots of hop presence (flavor/aroma) without the beer being unbearably bitter

I will have a website up soon as I can

sounds good. Will check out. Can You email a price list or similar.?

JM, get cracking on the website!

In Canberra with the one main HBS for an entire city, any competition is good news for me! ;)

I don't mind paying freight if I get choice / quality and a competitively priced brew kit that means I don't have to make do with one hop type, because "...we just run out of that other one..or..yeah, I might get some of that in here next month..." :angry: I have a London Porter ready to go - once I have the yeast for it :(

C'mon the interstate providers - give me some choice and you'll get my money!! ;)


I have a HB mate in Adelaide who swears by JM. I reckon as soon as he gets his WEB site up and running he'll be pulling a lot of business.
by the sounds of you eastern state blokes i reckon he will be right on it.
Really can't beleive you could get it cheaper than from your own brewshops. I would have thought you guys would have a better supply than us.

Does this mean Adelaide is the homebrew captial of Australia.

Who would you say are the very best brew shops in Australia?

I have only been in the 'Monastry' a few times and never actually officially meet Tom. But i have noticed he has or can get everything you want and the same price as grumpies.
Plus even a few more thing like Danstar and whitelabs.
Also a very large range of hopped cans for the extract brewer.
Still my vote goes to grumpies because the three brewers live and breath beer 24/7.

Also in Adelaide 'brewmaker' on north east road Holden hill is the other good homebrew store.

There are a few others here in Adelaide that anyone on this forum wouldn't waste there time walking into.

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