Ghetto Tandoori Oven?

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Bribie G

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Ok you pizza and smoker guys and other food fanatics.

What do you reckon the chances would be of turning something like this


into a small Tandoor somewhat similar to this


using possibly a BBQ gas cylinder and a Rambo burner or something similar?

The pots have been fired so hopefully withstand heat, or is there a certain type of pot that might do the job? Pots aren't too dear so a few destructs might be inevitable during development B)
I'd be looking to insulate the outside with some kind of heat sink, but in this case to help hold onto rather than dissipate it.
Just the idea of slapping a hunk of cold dough on a hot ceramic surface makes me thing it's going to crack in a dramatic fashion .More so with an el - cheapo pot.

I wonder if you could get a potter to spin a custom job up for you? Or has the potter gone the way of the cobbler and the smithy.

If it was me, I'd have a bucket of iced water on standby anyway.
I see a few issues.

Why gas and rambo burner? Isn't part of the appeal of a tandoor the fact that it uses coals? (Being that it may impart some smokiness). Different timbers for differing flavours perhaps?

Perhaps the biggest issue could be that the coals would be more of a radiant heat that perhaps a burner might be.

I think size is important, perhaps too fiddly to get your dough into a small one.

IIRC, Australian flour was no good for the Afghani's etc when given to them by the UN. Apparently protein levels etc were too different and the Australian dough would not stick to the side of the tandoor, just fell into the fire. In our affluent society I am sure we could find a work around, I just don't know what it would be.
There is a place in sydney that makes domestic size tandoor liners. I was going to build one a while ago to put next to the pizza oven but renos have gotten in the way and I havent gotten around to it.

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