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Fs: Keggle & Immersion Chiller

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Caulfield north. Melbourne
More shed cleaning this morning. The chiller has a long length of hose attached so if you want you can run the water into a gully near your brew area. It's also about 7m long (copper).

The keggle has various holes cut in it for standard 3/4" fittings as well as a smaller on half-way up for a 1/2" thermowell and a large one down the bottom that's got a SS bung in it. It's also been painted in insulating ceramic enamel high-temp paint to increase the efficiency in the boil from electric elements. being high-temp it also works well with burners - it stops the metal radiating heat from the boiling wort.

I'm looking for $70 for the chiller and $50 for the keggle. Paypal is again my preferred option so her indoors can't fritter the money on chocolate or shoes ;-)

Pick-up in either Caulfield or Dandenong areas...



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