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Fs: 2 X 19l Pin Lock Kegs (mel)

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Being that I recently moved from all pin lock to all ball lock kegs, I now have 2 x 19l stainless pin lock kegs for sale. They are in great condition, all seals have been recently replaced. I really like the pin lock kegs, they just don't fit my fridge as well.

$100 total - pickup from MEL.

Includes beer and gas disconnects, and I'll throw in a free bazooka style hop filter (used once).
I miss my pinlocks... ball lock fittings just don't seem so secure.

$50 a keg, including disconnects, new seals and a free bazooka screen is good value... and the best thing, these kegs are tested, and clean.
on all the ball lock kegs I just purchased? I hadn't thought of that... too late now, I have bought and attached all the ball lock disconnects - and I'd need to buy another set of posts and disconnects for the third keg...

Nothing stopping someone else changing these pin lock posts over to ball lock posts though, I guess.
thats what I was thinking, if you dont do so yourself ;)

are these surplus to your needs.. I mean, I'd hate to see you get rid of them only to have to buy a few more.

Happy to take them off your hands though... location dependent

Hey Yob, my only problem is I have a Keg King Kegerator - which is advertised as accommodating 3 x kegs. This is true, but only in relation to the taller, thinner, ball lock kegs. Sadly, with the more rotund pin lock kegs, I can only fit two kegs in - and I'd like to have the ability to fit three kegs in, so I have a backup ready at all times.

With this reasoning being employed, I don't have much of a need for the pin locks.

I live in Reservoir (Preston end), work in Preston.
cool, no probs mate. shoot me a message when you're good to go and I'll confirm.
I might take em, wouldn't mind using pin locks just for sours :)
I'll PM you later regaurding them.

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