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Are we all still up for a bit of a crawl around Freo on the 2nd?
Yes :)

Anyone want to nominate a starting point?
I'm about 55% likely to be there.

Sail & Anchor is a good start as it's near cheapish food if we want to start with something in our stomachs.

sounds good Deebee - lets go with that.

What sort of itinerary are we thinking of S&A, LC, Clancy's?..... anywhere else? whats the Norfolk like - do they have anything interesting?
For range, Clancy's is the best especially if that beer-loving barman with the shots of soda water is there, but it's a fair hike if we're cut and hot and if hoops is coming he will want to see the bells and whistles down at LC's.

So I'd be happy to do LC and S&A, maybe drop in at Norfolk for a reccy. Play it by ear on the day.

Haven't drunk at the Norfolk since I walked away from 3/4 of a glass of mulled wine there a few years ago. Talk about false advertising, no mull whatsoever!
OK, Sail and Anchor, midday, I'm about 90% there, but might not be allowed to stay out all afternoon.
I'm in....
Will be there till ~ 4pm... Have got a farewell to attend after that...

Scaily Wanker @ High Noon Then onto the Creatures!...

Excellent, I will be there. Was at the Norfolk a few weeks back and didn't find it that flash. Highlight for me was Coopers sparking :) They have james squire .... from my drunken memory I wasn't that sold on the golden ale.

Personally I am keen on LC's & Sail & Anchor after that I don't care :D
Sounds good guys.
Was in Freo yesterday arvo and went to Sail & Anchor. Good selection of beers. Went from there to the Norfolk, not real exciting with the beers but did a wicked burger! There were some nice buns too.
So I'll see you guys at S&A at noon then kick on to LC!

arrgh,you lucky west landers,was over on your turf in october did the sail and anchor but honestly could not even sqeeze into little creatures on the sunday arvo i was there cause it was totaly packed. arrgh %$^&
oh,forgot to mention while over your way i bought a sail and anchor glass ,put it in the glove box of the car when it was transported to adelaide and would,nt you know it yep, the car arrived 8 days later than promised and no %($#*&! glass was to be found! who was the company ,well i really should,nt say but , the bell may one day TOLL for them,really pissed me of that did.
How'd everyone pull up? We still got a quorum for today?

Looks like I'm in :)

See you at noon... :chug: :chug: :chug:
My liver is only at 50% from new years but I will be there to give it another work out :D
Yep - I'll be there !

I went to LCs on Friday (just to make sure everything was OK for our visit) and they were brewing - very interesting to watch. You know you are a serious brewer when you need a 1000SWL electric hoist to lift your hop back in !!

It a shame we can't get a few more of the lesser-posting perth guys along...
Ill be there for a while
I'm in.... be there @ 12...

Will be keen for a feed first though... Think my stomach is ready for food now after new years :eek:
Asher for now
Yep will be there at 12 as long as I can find my way from the train station.
Hmmm <_<
as I'm still here I may have to revise my arrival time to 12:15.
Cya all soon


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