Free (vic 3032 pickup) - JW malt, corny keg, cubes, 330ml bottles

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Free to a good home:

~ 20kg of JW Munich
~ 10kg of JW wheat malt
~ 5kg of JW Crystal 60
1 x corny keg that doesn’t hold pressure (good for a wash keg)
5 x empty Grain and Grape FWK cube
31 x used and rinsed 330ml bottles

DM me if interested. Apologies I won’t be super fast in replying but will check my DM once a day.

Some notes:

The malt is a couple of years old, bought when I had dreams of brewing more often than I was ever able to. Stored in sealed black plastic crates away from pests and light.

The keg won’t hold pressure, and has non-standard posts so my attempts to repair it failed. Works fine as a wash keg, or if someone knows where to get the firestone parts they could probably service it back to working condition. Also may work fine as a fermenter and allow pressure transfer.

The cubes were rinsed after use and are filled with sodium perc or santiser.

The bottles have been stored in a sealed container so should be relatively dust free.