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A mate just came back from a trip to Europe, and he brought be back a real nice Erdinger Weissbier glass (0.5L) ... sweet.

Get this tho.....

He walked into one of the bottle shops in belgium, and bought somethink like 15- 20 odd pairs of belgian beer glasses!!! $400 odd bucks worth !! :lol: Can't wait to go and check them all out.
You have to beware though. Grass (or glass) isn't always greener on the other side.

When I was In Munich about 18 months ago I paid 15 euro (30 bucks) for an Erdinger Weizen glass at Max Krug. Think I got caught up in the touristy thing.

Was in Acland St. Cellars about 6 months ago and they were selling them for 4 bucks. Ripped off! :angry: :angry:

Warren -
The majority of my glassware has come from the German Austrian Society in Sydney. They were selling 500ml Schoefferhofer and other glasses for $6.
I cleaned them out one day and the next time I went back they still hadn't re-stocked :D

I've been looking around to try and find someone that stocks decent glasses in Adelaide.

The Royal Oak in O'Connell St has recently added some glassware. About 5 differen Belgian glasses (chimay, leffe etc) and some aust (redback, little creatures, roger's) and also a yank 1 (sam adams lager i think).

Also have family going to belgium soon, so might pick a few of the better ones out of my friends collection and get them to bring me some back.
Cellarbrations on Greenhill Rd in Adelaide seems to be increasing their line too.
They also now have a selection of the Canadian Unibroue beers in stock, two of which I aim to sample tonight :)
Royal Oak had some beauties (glasses, that is) a while back - including Aventinus (TDA will know the correct spelling).
Most of my glasses come second hand from the Salvos. Very reasonable prices I say. Dont always have what you want but good enough for me. And at an average price of 50 cents a glass I cant complain.

johnno said:
Most of my glasses come second hand from the Salvos. Very reasonable prices I say. Dont always have what you want but good enough for me. And at an average price of 50 cents a glass I cant complain.

you can always tell a Victorian - all class :lol:

(no offence meant, johnno)
johnno said:
the Salvos are European. Aren't They?
well, the Slavs are, and the Slovacs - and they brew decent drops ..... you orta Czech them out some day!! B)
this lot cost me less than $12 at the Salvos Wee Stu. Maybe you should czech them out yourself. :lol:
They had a couple of Chimay style goblets last I was there about 2 weeks ago. Didnt have the Chimay writing on them though.
I gave them a miss. If they were original I would have picked them up but I dont think I can reallu use a glass like that myself.


Very canny purchasing Johnno - well done.
Must admit I like my growing collection of speciality glasses though - somewhere around 30 to 40 different types (sorry no digital camera) - even if it makes me a profligate Scot.
Shudder to think how many cartons, six packs and four packs of beer I've bought - just to get the free glasses :rolleyes:
Do yourselvrs a big favour, beg, buy, or steal a couple of beer glasses from your local pub, They are made for everyday drinking of beer with the best results if they are cleaned properly. I have been using these for home brew drinking for 18 months and are perfect. The big trick is not to let your wife touch them when washing the dishes otherwise she will stuff them.
Water, never touch the stuff,fish F... in it . Forgot who said it.
I must admit, I agree with wee stu and Tallgum. I love buying beer to get free stuff (so long as it's beer worth drinking), and my favourite beer glasses are the ones I've nicked from pubs. My thieving days are over, fortunately (unless I get very drunk), but the traditional 'pint' glass (as they call 'em here in SA) is probably my glass of choice more often than not. Other than that, I have a veritable shitload of glasses. I'll take a couple photos when I get my hand on a camera.
johnno said:
this lot cost me less than $12 at the Salvos Wee Stu.
Jeez Johnno - now I know why there are never any decent glasses when I go there :(
although I did pick up a nice goblet a little while back :D
Somemorebelgiumwhaddareckon? :blink:

I'm quite fond of my half litre Hoegaarden Tumbler, would make a good murder weapon :D weighs a ton.

There's a story behind the shape of the tumbler. The Belgians say that they make the glass hexagonal shaped on purpose. They claim that they use a spanner to remove the glass from the drinkers hand! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Warren -

Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Germany, mixed bunch

Warren -
Okay, I was bored enough to take some photos.

First off, the odds & sods.

I got the first one for my 17th birthday. It holds a 330 nicely, but I have to be careful when tipping it otherwise I get beer up my nose.

Second one I bought because I liked the plaits. And the cleavage, can't forget the cleavage. It's sometimes slightly too small to hold a full wheat.

Third is the goblet from the beer festival at the Torrens parade grounds.


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