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Hey Guys.

I need a little help. Ive just put down Helles stlye beer out of The complete joy of home brewing.I used wyeast 2206 Baverian lager on the advice of my HB shop. The brew went well but after reading about the yeast it calls for a Diacetyl Rest. I have read a few threads about the subject on here and kind of get what Diacetyl is but just dont know when to apply the rest. I have the brew fermenting in the fridge at 13c and aim to transfer to another ferementer after the majoritrty of fermentation has occur and leave for 3-4 weeks at about 7 -10c. then bottle , carb, and cold condition. Should I apply the Diacetyl rest after the the primary fermentation? how long do I rest the brew for? and how much should I warm it up by?
Any help most welcome.

Thanks guys.
The ideal time for a diacetyl rest is just before ('primary' - as you call it) fermentation has finished. When the beer is still a few points above final gravity, warm it up to about 15-20C and let it finish the fermentation at that temperature, then leave it for a few days after terminal gravity has been reached before transferring it (if you feel it's required) to the new fermentor and lager (at as cold temperature as your fridge goes to).
Thanks Wolfy.

Everything I need covering, covered. Thanks.
It makes such a difference to have a wealth of knowledge at the tap of a keyboard. Thanks again.
After reading your information Wolfy I set about following your instructions.
I found it really interesting that as my brew got closer to fermenting out an off flavour started to appear. I was really concernd that maybe an infection had got in, but im pretty confident in my sanitising practices. Prior to final fermentation I took the brew out an warmed it on a heat mate and left to complete fermenting. Once finished I left it for three or four days and was really suprised to find the off flavour had completely disappeared after the rest. It is now largering for 4 week. Cant wait to bottle carb and sample. Thanks again for your help a really good learning circle.

If I had not read about this yeast on the Wyeast web site I would have never know to rest it. Which yeast in particular need resting?and which dont?
Cheer Rob

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