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causer of chaos and mayhem
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can i lager in a plastic cube cause i just got one and only have a little bar fridge that i can us. would this be fesable to do or am i better off doing it some other way? what else can i use it for?
Question is, how cold can your barfridge get?

Jovial Monk
well it not all the way up but id say about 3-4 degrees at least. ive had it turned right up and it freezes anything not alcholic and beers frost over on the glass when opened
Sounds OK then.

Try it all the way up (0C) for a month, then as long as you can stand it at 3-4C

that wont be hard its almost all the way up now cold beer hmmmmmmm
ok one last question do i need a airlock in the lid is i choose to lager in this cube
I don't bother with an airlock, just release the lid for the first few days just in case you get gas build up..
cool man cause im planning on doing a honey pilsner and lagering it for about a month in my bar fridge. any hints on how to do this.

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