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A week ago i did a cooper IPA LME with the Brewcraft kit converter 76. I wont be doing another and i have since done all extract that is much better.

This coopers ipa is in the fermenter (8 days) and sitting on 1013 for past 2 days. Its pretty bland i guess the word is. I have some amarillo and galaxy but i havent really dry hopped before and i guess i am after a bit more flavour, bit of a kick without anymore bitterness. Would adding my last 10g of galaxy and 10g amarillo help with some flavours or are they soo small quantities too late.

Or, is it better in these situations to just bottle it and see how it goes...put it down to learning?
You won't get any extra bitterness from dry hopping.
20 gr total hops to add for a dry hop is OK. I'd add both.
Just add them to the fermenter, they'll do their thing and drop to the bottom.
Leave for a week, then bottle or keg.
You won't get any ibu contribution from dry hopping but you will get some other bitter compounds released into the beer.

It won't be significant and dry hopping is one way of beefing up a beer that's a touch bland. I usually dry hop around 1g per L so the amount you have there should be fine.
You could also French press into the keg/ bottling bucket.

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