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The Craft Beer Association would like to announce volunteer opportunities for the 1st inaugural Beer awards and judging. Judging will take place the 21st and 22nd of October in Sydney with the final location to be announced.

Volunteers will receive a cool Craft Beer Awards T-shirt, randomized beer (amount to be determined upon final registration of entries), 50% off the ticket price for the awards ceremony, morning, afternoon tea and lunch with the judges (if working that event).

Volunteer opportunities cover a large range of tasks and very important jobs within this process.

Here are a list of some of the opportunities available:
Data Base Guru (1 volunteer) – 2 days 21st/22nd of October
· Knowledge of Microsoft access
· Second person assisting competition manager working on database inputting results and running queries
· Will team with competition manager to ensure all data entry is accurate with IT expertise if issues arise with data base
Sorting team (6 volunteers) 4-5 days – (14th-17th of October- cold storage warehouse to be announced)
· Responsible for the receipt and inventory of all beers
· Provides timely notification of all discrepancies to lead sorting Manager
· Provides information for all database entries as to which beers are in which box and ensures proper labelling
· Ensures accuracy of sorting process by conducting random checks
· Builds boxes for sorted entries (Ideally this will be done by volunteers in advance of beer arriving) (May start this process on the afternoon of the 13th of October)
· Organizes/Palletizes beers by sessions 1-4

Table Captain (5 volunteers) 2 days 21st/22nd of October (works under the guidance of the Block Captain)
· Lead for table supported by 2 stewards
· Responsible for corresponding judge table (Judges, supplies)
· Double checks that beers are presented accordingly (in order, correct beer, proper pouring technique and amount, proper temperature)
· Ensures Stewards are handling beers correctly and are comfortable carrying trays and placing beers at table in front of judges
· Provides feedback to stewards as needed
· Helps with all other duties assigned

Stewards (10 volunteers) 2 days 21st/22nd of October (works under the guidance of the Table Captain)
· Follow all instructions from Table Captain
· Obtain beers to be judged from Block Captain
· Verify correct beers were obtained by matching to the pick sheet
· Organizes glassware and stickers associated for each beer to be served
· May pour beers (at the discretion of the TC) after training is completed under supervision of TC
· Serves judges beers
· After judges are served- 1 steward or TC remains near Judge table in case Judges require anything
· Beers are moved to sampling area ONLY when Block Captain notified the stewards
· Keeps back of house area clean and neat
· Helps with all other duties assigned

Comment cards (3 volunteers) 2 days 21st/22nd of October
· Organizes all incoming comment paperwork by beer entry associating it to the brewery file so that all can be sent after the competition
· Places all comments into associated envelope for mailing
Randomizing crew- (2 volunteers) 2 days 21st/22nd of October
· Organizes and maintains tasting table – clearing beers etc.
· Assists with the distribution of beers from the pallet at the direction of the Block Captain
· Collects beers not opened once the Block Captain gives the ok
· Creates randomized beer boxes – 1 for each volunteer per day with a nice mixed box
Awards Team (4 volunteers)
· Assists will movement of beer from beer truck to venue
· Assists with set up of awards venue as needed
· Provides any support as required during the awards (examples assisting with cheese and beer pairing)

If any of these opportunities sound like fun please fill out the attached form and click enter https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=a-ORsugQZHpPdNHNhWQ7Xw . All volunteer applications should be completed by the 21st of September.

If you have any questions, please contact Kris Latham CBIA Project Officer at 0479-008-157 or email at [email protected]
Additionally, If you are currently affiliated with a brewery entering this competition we unfortunately will not be able to have you as a volunteer for the warehouse or judging events but would welcome you and your assistance at the awards event.


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Mature kris is, email is above


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Wish I could get time off for that, I'd be all over the Database Guru stuff :(


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So.... To address the elephant in the room..... Do we get to taste?

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