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Temple of Seth

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Hello All!

Regarding my new kit, I notice that the apparent plan is to add sugar individually to bottles and use the included bottling wand which is to be attached to the tap on the plastic fermentation vessel. I'm not sure how I feel about this. In the past, I have used bulk priming. This would require some extra equipment however (namely a bottling bucket). I'm curious as to how you all go about your priming. I also have a more specific question - how well to the dextrose tabs I see at the supermarkets work?


Get a bottling bucket if you can. The carbonation drops don't give you enough control over the priming (what do you do with a 800ml bottle or a 333ml or 345ml etc....), and priming individual bottles is a hit and miss afair.
You don't *have* to have a second bucket/fermenter to bottle from either, although it's preferable. Dissolve the priming sugar in a small amount (500 mL or so) of water, add to the fermenter, and stir with a sterilised stirring implement to homogenise it. Wait 30 mins for the yeast/trub to settle a bit, then bottle. Probably gets a bit more sediment in the bottles than usual, but it works. :)
Hmmmmm, stirring in the primary fermenter???????????

I rack to a cube, put cube in fridge, leave 2 weeks to 6 months. . .

Can then rack back to cleaned sanitised fermenter now acting as bottling bucket. Lots of benefits from the cold conditioning. Two cubes with taps can be bought for about the same price as a second fermenter minus tap, thermometer, airlock etc

Jovial Monk
I rack to a cube, put cube in fridge, leave 2 weeks to 6 months. . .

I've seen several refs to "cubes". What are they and Wheeeere do ya get 'em? :huh:
well for a cheap bottling bucket go to barnicle bills and for 5 bucks get a mayo 21 litre bucket then dril a hole in the bottom to fit a snap tap with a threat and washer and nut then ur in for a cheat bottling bucket for 13 bucks plus u can us as part of a bucke in bucket lauter/tun fro mash brews
Tub said:
I've seen several refs to "cubes". What are they and Wheeeere do ya get 'em? :huh:
Normally 20l white plastic water jerries in the shape of a cube, should be hdpe or marked with a triangle and a 2 for food safe use.
Pick them up at hardware, camping or some home brew shops.
Though they say 20l they will often hold 22L or a bit more, with reduced head space and oxidisation risk.
Try and get one with a flat bottom, rather than deep indented "feet".
Personally I prefer the taller slimmer 25L jerries - you can fit more of them into a cleared fridge space - I get three of these into my cold conditioning fridge at one time.
Barnacle Bill's? Don't know that one. Do they have them in Brizzy?

Any other ideas where I could get something that would be useable. My old 'Ale Pail looks an awful lot like a plastic paint bucket. However it could also be a pickle bucket. Any ideas for somthing around here? Would Coles or Woolies be able to spare something like that? They must get all those deli goodies in some kind of bulk container...
hi seth
for those round buckets im led to believe bakers delight and the like use these and discard.worth a shot to see if they have any they are throwing out.

big d

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