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[BNE] WTB - Smallish Chest Freezer / Kegorator...

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Hey Guys, Im looking to build my first Kegorator and need to find the base unit.

Im looking at cheap as possible and a smallish unit (one or two corny kegs) to start with.

If anyone has anything to get shot of, please get in touch.

Im in Moorooka.

Thanks in advance.
Seriously, going small is a bad idea, unless $$ are the issue.
Invariably you will want to upgrade / upsize later on and your small unit will be a waste of money.
I hate to think how much $ I have wasted due to going bigger later on down the track.
Just my 2c
yeah, Im pretty small scale at the moment, and SWMBO might not like a huge unit. I was going to pump the beer up from my fridge downstairs, but I still want to brew at the same time, so I need a 2nd freezer unit to dispense beer from right now.
I know what you are saying, good advice.
I have everything ready to go except the freezer and the CO2. :)
FWIW, I have a very small bar-fridge/freezer that I modified to behave as a fridge, custom controller (arduino based) and it *just* fits 2 corny kegs. Serving is done via pluto guns stored in the fridge.

I'm now looking at buying a 4 tap font, because all the 2 tap ones I can find look really tacky. If you can find room/afford it, I'd suggest getting one that can fit at least 4 kegs. That way you can have two on tap, and one or two ready to go when the others blow.

If I hadn't already had the bar fridge on hand, I would have probably bought a chesty that could hold 6 kegs.

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