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Hi All,
Been a long time since I did some brewing (around 15 years!) and it was extract stuff.
Been doing a bit of research on the BIAB small batch, so bought a kit and decided to take the plunge on a 5l batch of all grain biab.
While I was waiting for the recipe kit to come (COVID deliveries!!) I bought a BrewDemon kit for the fermenter. Wasn't going to throw away the recipe extract kit so brewed and just bottled that and we'll see how that turns out. Also got a cheap 30l urn so the plan is, after brewing my 5l small batch Red IPA tomorrow, I will look at at 10l batch using my urn and the BrewDemon conical fermenter. Also plan to no chill with a 10l cube. Hate bottling so will invest in the 9.5l corny kegs next....where does this stop!!
Anyway love the site and the knowledge you all share and look forward to drinking some nice beer made by me!

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