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I want brew a nice Pale similar to Little Creatures or Williams, a strong, hoppy Pale. Whats the best, tried and tested Pale recipe for extract brewers?
Much kudos NewtownClown, Great link.
I want brew a nice Pale similar to Little Creatures or Williams, a strong, hoppy Pale. Whats the best, tried and tested Pale recipe for extract brewers?
Jimmy, do you want an extract recipe or a kit recipe? i.e. will you be doing your own hop additions, or looking for a kit with it all done for you?

If a no boil kit, use the Boonies LCPA clone. Or if you truly want a "strong, hoppy Pale" as you said, replace the Morgan's can with a Coopers IPA can. That'll add another 10 IBU's to the recipe making it closer to 45. But only fill up your FV to 20 litres which will give you a 5% brew after bottle conditioning, malty enough to balance the hops well. Or a can of Coopers Real Ale to back it off to around 35 IBU. Leave all of Boonie's hop additions the same to any of those kits once in the fermenter.

If doing full extract though, stick with 20 litres, but replace the Morgans Stockmans Draught with a 2nd can of Coopers light LME.

Steep 250gm of Crystal 120 in 2 litres or so of 65-75 degree water for about 30 minutes.

Get your boil gravity to around 1040, then add 12 grams of Warrior hops @ 60 minutes (to anything greater than a 10 litre boil, add a couple of grams extra warrior if doing less than 10 litres). That will get you back to ~30 IBU's of the Morgan's can. With 5 mins left of your boil add the rest of your extract while stirring. The rest of the hop additions could stay the same, or fiddle with 'em and make your own clone.

Again if you want it hoppier, change the 12gm of Warrior to 16 @ 60 minutes for something closer to 40 IBU's.
Awesome thanks for posting up the details. Sorry i wasnt clearer, i usually do full extract, no kits. The reason i posted yet another thread was because i was hoping to get the most up to date info from people who have been brewing this type of beer and a strong recommendation...and...i know that the net best thing to making awesome beer is chatting about it.

I actually have most of the ingredients on hand, however i dont have the Morgans draught, i have 2 morgans unhopped extra pale. I used the spreadsheet and it looks like it should work ok on paper, any thoughts on how the alternate malt will affect the beer (will it mean it will be nothing like LCPA)

Too many people dont know the difference between an archive of information and a discussion they post "did you search it" type posts, so when they post up the next LMGTFY link it just produces crap results full of "did you search it" type posts...oh well...its not place to police the use of forums.
Nup, don't reckon the malt will make a noticeable difference. It's all about the hops in this one.

I've posted up my full extract version of the highest ranked LCPA clone in our recipedb. I've made one very similar, using NS rather than Chinook though. I don't like trying to "clone" beers per se, just far too many variables, but that recipe is very true to the style LCPA is in. 5% abv (after bottling), 40 IBU's and an EBC of 12ish.

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