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Hi all, just signed on to AHB and getting a lot out of reading all the posts.

I'm trying my first Belgian Dubbel. Had a really active fermentation, kicking off after about six hours and hit high krausen by day 2. Its now day 7 and I've taken gravity readings two days apart which are both 1.017. I was aiming for 1.010. My question is, if I add additional candi sugar (mixed with a small amount of water, boiled and cooled) to the fermenter, will this drop the FG a few points and maybe getting my closer to the numbers? Thanks for any guidance.
No it wont drop the gravity beyond 1.017, warming it up and swirling it around might help though.
I just added more sugar to a Belgian that was stalled at 1.017, and it took it down several more points. I was as surprised as anyone that this worked.
Thanks all for the replies.

The OG was 1.068 - a little higher than the recipe. It’s now down to FG 1.016.
It’s was a 2 step mash - 62 and 68c.

Yeast was co-fermentation: lallemand Voss kviek and Safebrew Abbey Ale dry yeasts.

Here’s the recipe:
Belgian Dubbel - David Heath - Cofermentation - David Heath
The person who posted the recipe got 66% brewhouse efficiency, which is mediocre considering that a kg of candi sugar was used. That you did better is unsurprising.

Your attenuation works out to 76%. Considering that an unusual yeast mix (which is not to say a bad one) was used it's hard to judge that rate. But the fermentation temperature is quite low for kveik.

I'd warm to the high 20s to awaken the kveik. Then, whether or not that further drops the fg, consider fermentation done.,
Thanks! I ramped the temp from 20-23c and the FG dropped to 1.013. I kegged on day 14 and will report back on the result when I reach carbonation vol. There were some weird floaties on the top of the wort (see pic) which I'm a little concerned about...


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