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practicalfool said:
It's taking absolutely bloody long but refuses to quit.

This is, I dunno, week 3?! The bubbles haven't stopped and it's steady but **** me, I'm thirsty!
Ignore the bubbling, if the gravity is steady & it's been fermenting at 17c+ for 3 weeks, she's long finished....
Oh boy, not 17+ constantly but she's been having nightly 18s and daytime probably 14-15s. I suppose I could just hook up the belt for two days and make it quit or thereabouts!

I did step mash it, 50ish then 66-68ish then back to 62ish, then ramped to mash out and boil, unsuitable equipment and biab just made it all a bit inexact but I reckon I did leave it some heavier sugars to munch for the hoppy goodness in there :) btw Ross, this is the last batch of grain and hops I got bagged from you before I moved.

Thanks for the heads up, I'll test it tomorrow when I shall return from the sweatshop I attend by choice (yea right).

That's how much it's fizzing away!!! Plan for later tonight.

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