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  1. Newbee(r)

    Getting Into Home Wine Making - Equipment And Contacts

    Well, the hops are growing, the apples and perry pears are in - and there's 6m x 12m of space with good sun out the front for some vines. Looking at planting some riesling vines as they do really well in Canberra - I can probably get 12 or so established vines in this space and around 50kg...
  2. B

    Sparkling Wine

    Hi all, Im new here and i dont know if i posted in the right forum so if you can please be patient as a little guidance will be gratefully appreciated. I want to make sparkling wine. I have the chardonay .will carbonating the wine be the go, and what difference is required between wine and beer...
  3. thelastspud

    A Few Wine Questions

    So it's just about time for the grapes to be picked around here. I've never made wine before so I've got a few questions for the wine experts on here. 1. how many kilos of grapes will I need to make around 10 litres? 2. whats the best yeast for sweet red wine 3. Do I need to keep the...
  4. ultrasuede

    Grass Wine

    Grass wine?? Grass beer?? does it exist? a quick google search didn't come up with much.. Anyone know a recipe? I'm thinking wheat grass, but who knows, mabey someone has made wine or beer out of bull grass.
  5. Chookers

    Bottling Wine In Glass Beer Bottles?

    Just want to get some opinion and thoughts on bottling home made wine in glass beer bottles (long necks) and sealing with bench capper. Is this okay, will it impact the flavour of the wine, will the amber glass have any affect on the wine, will it keep as long. etc.. and further more has...
  6. K

    Feijoa Wine

    Hey All, I have a glut of feijoas this year and have decided to make a feijoa wine. I found this recipe online and keen to give it a whirl, I'll multiply the recipe by 4 (to fill my 25lt fermenter, and eventually age in a 23lt glass carboy) and use honey instead of sugar and see how I go :)...
  7. Blackapple

    Chinese/taiwanese Rice Wine

    My mother in law is in town at the mo and impressed with my homebrew ( I know....struck gold!) She has asked if I can brew some rice wine taiwanese style, which I guess is similar to the chinese ones. Does anyone have a recipe or a link. Cheers
  8. Tim F

    Dessert Wine

    I'm getting some muscat tomorrow and will be allowing extra to try to make some dessert wine. My rough plan was to take some juice and boil it down until the sugar was around SG 1.150 which would give 22% potential alcohol. The yeast I have tolerates about 15% alcohol so this would leave me (I...
  9. Tim F

    Wine Making - Is Ta Or Ph More Important?

    Hey all, Been wondering about this for a while. I have 'From vines to wines' by Jeff Cox. In it, he emphasises checking and adjusting TA only - "If the TA is just right but the pH is a little high, the smart winemaker would leave it alone." However everything else I've read in books and online...
  10. V

    Buying Wine Grapes - Sydney

    Hi, I am having my first crack at winemaking this year and was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of where to buy wine grapes. I have heard that the Sydney fruit markets have them (at Flemington) but I dont know who to ask etc Also does know of any other sources? Thanks Al
  11. hughyg

    Winemaking Equipment Hire

    Does anyone know anywhere that hires home winemaking equipment in Adelaide?
  12. tavas

    Brewcraft Wine Kits

    Hi all. Has anyone made wine using the Brewcraft wine kits? I've been looking at them as a way of filling the fridge with quaffing wine. At $6/bottle for the "premium" kit it makes fiscal sense, however I don't want to make vinegar either. I am in no way a wine afficiado, but do enjoy a glass...
  13. lukemarsh

    Anyone Recommend Homebrew Wine Making?

    I've been brewing beer for over a year now and I really love it and feel I've just about got the whole process down... I am starting university this year doing Viticulture and Oenology (Adelaide Uni) and thought I might give homebrew wine making a go. I drink mostly red wine, and would like to...
  14. Dave70

    Mulberry Wine.

    My parents have got a giant Mulberry tree at their holiday house that produces buckets of fruit in season. Although mum knocks up a mean mulberry pie, the penny finally dropped that I can ferment them and turn it into drink, as you do. Ive never made wine anything in my life, so I have a few...
  15. earle

    Mulled Wine

    Found my mulled wine while digging out a sangria recipe for the sangria thread. Thought I would post it in a new thread to aid searching. Not quite the right time of year unfortunately. 1500ml red wine 750 port 375ml brandy 250ml water 250g seedless raisins 200g sugar 12 cloves 6 cinnamon...
  16. J

    5g Of White Wine Yeast For 14l Of Mead. Is It Enough?

    Hi Guys i've got an empty 15l fermenter, 4kg of honey, a small 5g sachet of white wine yeast and a day off tomoro. So the answer is clear, time to try making mead! But i'm worried 5g of yeast is too little of a dose. Do i make a starter tonight of some honey, yeast nutrients, water, and leave...

    First Use Of White Wine Yeast In Hard Lemonade. Really High Fg

    Hi guys, a couple of weeks ago (15/8) i put a hard lemonade down: Final Vol 22ltrs 20 Medium Lemons 380g Grated Ginger 900g Lactose 2 large hot chillis 2kgs Dext Yeast Nutrient and White wine yeast (10g) O.G. ended up at 1040 but after 2weeks fermenting at 18-ish deg it seems to have...
  18. glaab

    How Long Will Red Wine Keep In Barrel?

    Hi all, am mate of mine, Niell, bought a 300L American oak barrel full of Cab Sav at an auction on Monday. He has some impulse buying issues I think. Anyway, the red tastes ok, not great but definately drinkable, it tastes a bit "young". Does anyone know how long it will last in the barrel...
  19. H

    Kit Wines

    has anyone tried the new kit wines where you buy the bladder of wine juice and you pitch the yeast and ferment like beer. I think its around $100 per bladder. any information would be great
  20. Z

    Barley Wine

    Barley Wine, 3 Questions, What is it? How do you make it? And Where can I find it?